Letters Of Hope

Katrina believes in giving back she also writes letters of hope for strangers to find. She leaves them in different places, sometimes she writes them anonymously and sometimes she leaves her details. She has received some great responses, one girl said she was feeling low and depressed. She found the letter of hope at the right time. It helped her to develop her faith again in god. Please see below an example of a letter of hope;Dear You,You are stronger than you know. All your past efforts were not in vain. They will start to manifest in days to come. Get ready there is about to be a big shift in your life. Walls are starting to come down. Keep the faith going strong. God sees what you do in private. All the hard work you have been putting in will indeed pay off. Keep on writing down your goals and try forget about them. Don't be so uptight to achieve them let go and indeed let god.Love the universe.



#katrinacalvin If you would like me to write you a personalised letter of hope, please email me on info@katrinacalvin.com.

Here is some images of people who have found a letter of hope:
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