About the Author - Katrina Calvin

Katrina Calvin is a self published Author of two self help books 'It's All Within You' (2016) and 'Trust Your Soul' (2018). They are aimed at millennial women and for teenage girls. It's All Within you goes into detail about aspects of self help such as the importance of positive self talk, affirmations and creating a vision board. Where as if you are new to self help in the book Trust Your Soul introduces key topics.

Katrina loves to inspire others through the written word.  Katrina also loves to inspire Children and Young People to become the better version of themselves. No matter what obstacles they face she believes they too can achieve.

She has worked in the educational field for over 13 years. She has a very positive mental attitude which help to inspire the students she works with. They to become motivated. She believes in their ability and helps to boost their confidence and self esteem.