Katrina Calvin

Educator / Mentor

I have worked in the educational pastoral field for over 13 years working in a variety of educational settings. I have extensive experience in mentoring, coaching, supporting and advising young people. I have developed a natural ability to build rapport quickly with students, staff and multidisciplinary organisations.

I help Children and Young People become the better version of themselves. Helping them to tap into their full potential. Helping them to aspire to become more than they could dream of being, no matter what limitation they face. I support students to eradicate the barriers they face to learning. I instil positivity with the Children and Young People I support. I have a very positive uplifting attitude which helps to spark enthusiasm with whom I support.

I have learnt to develop a non-judgmental approach when working with Children and Young People. I understand the importance of developing rapport and I believe that this is the foundation of any successful work.

Some of the key achievements within my career so far have been;
Taking part in The World Skills Event and completed CPD.
Volunteering as a Mentor for Improving Futures. Helped to shape the social and emotional development of this child. I helped to shape her mindset her confidence and self-esteem flourished.

I have lived and worked internationally in two countries.  The first experience was at a Girl’s Scout Summer Camp in America during my second year at University my first time abroad back in 2011.

I went to work and live in The Czech Republic part of EVS (European Voluntary Service) 2014-2015. I supported the Czech community to learn English. I worked in a variety of settings including Youth Centres and Primary and Secondary Schools as well as Grammar Schools, Mothers and Toddlers groups.  I helped to break down stereotypes and encourage open communication. I was a very rich life-changing and rewarding experience that I will never forget.

I volunteering with City Year I helped to impact the lives of many students  I was based in the English department. I set up GCSE English booster classes as well as initiating a school magazine involving the year 7 students.  

I am a self-published author of two self-help books It’s Within You and Trust Your Soul aimed at the millennial generation.

Working with learners who have SEND is so rewarding. Over time once rapport has been built with them, they start to achieve their milestones that we have set out together. We work together to develop an action plan to support the learning process.  I have helped to boost the confidence and self-esteem of my students.