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Letters Of Hope

I love to spread positivity wherever I go. I love the written word, I thought why not send out letters of hope for strangers to find when they are out and about. These letters of hope will help to brighten someone's day. A few years ago I used to write them anonymously. Then I thought why not include hashtags for those that find them so they will know that it came from me. It has been amazing to receive your feedback. My words were delivered to those at the right time. I believe that everyone that finds my letters of hope find them because of the law of attraction. I love how my letters of hope have created ripples of joy. If you find a letter be sure to let me know how it touched you. 

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Here is some images of people who have found a letter of hope:

Letter of Hope found in Debenhams Wolverhampton
Letter of Hope found
Letter of Hope found in Starbucks
Letter of Hope found

updated 2nd Sept 2018

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