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What are my customers saying about my book 'It's All Within You'


Sylvia Townsend, from England UK wrote:


I found that it helped to motivate me in many areas of my life. It was like god speaking directly to me. Example (Self-Kindness. Reward yourself when you have done something well). Excellent! You were born to write & through your writing it will help others. I only found positivity in your book.


Hayley Carter, from England UK wrote:

Easy to read and really inspirational. This book takes you on a journey of self-discovery on a deeper level. The power to live a happy and successful life lies within, and this book shows you exactly how to make your strengths stronger, and how to overcome your limiting beliefs. Everyone can take something away from this book.


Vanessa Calvin, from England UK wrote:


I love your book, as promised I have read it over 2 nights which only happens when I can’t put the book I’m reading down. From a personal perspective, I can totally relate to some of the concepts that you cover only difference was that I didn’t quite feel that the decisions I had been making in my life were ok or acceptable to others…I like when you talk about limiting beliefs as they can be so powerful at times and it is true when you are when you are aware you can challenge them…The most interesting experience though was that as I read through I could hear your voice in my mind and not my own. I suppose that is the added bonus of knowing such a talented individual. Well done and Congratulations!

Tony Duke, from Chicago USA wrote:

The author is so good at turning her ideas to very simple forms. She has the heart of a reader and a mind of a listener. Miss. Calvin deserves a warm applause. 


Jacky Forbes, from England UK wrote:

I loved it. Very interesting. I couldn't put it down and had to finish it. I learned a lot from it. There are parts in the book that I wasn't aware of, but after reading you can see the sense in what you are saying.I found the meditation part very interesting and I will be putting it to the test. 

Yvette, from England UK wrote:

You can read this pocket size gem of inspiration in a day.  But you will want to dip in & out over & over again. Whenever you feel low or less positive, the words of wisdom are like a refreshing sip of water on a hot day.

Ben, from England UK wrote:

It's all within you provides both a good read and acts as an instruction manual. It's a good reference point for those who are looking to use the teachings/learnings within the book and also from other personal development resources. Providing real-life stories and examples, it's all within you is more of a companion rather than a book.

Alex, from England UK wrote:

This book is brilliant. I have read a lot of personal development books, however, none that cover such a wide variety of the different aspects. I would recommend this book to everyone. Once I started I couldn't put it down, I could relate to every section and was able to implement changes almost immediately. Thank you for writing this book

Katrina's Mum, from England UK wrote:

 It took me awhile to read this book. Very interesting bits I came across I will follow them up and see what the universe brings for me. Well written Katrina. lovemum

updated 18th June 2018

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