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About the Author - Katrina Calvin

Katrina Calvin is an inspirational figure who encourages others to become the best version of themselves. She loves to challenge people to live a more fulfilled life. Through her writing, you too will become inspired. Katrina’s background is in the educational field. Katrina believes that everyone can reach his or her full potential with the right resources.

I empower people to become the best versions of themselves.  My mission in life is simple; I’m passionate about helping YOU discover and become the best version of yourself. Helping you to rediscover and enhance your passions in life.  I believe that there are no coincidences in life. Everything happens for a reason. Everyone comes in and out of our life’s for a reason.


The universe is always speaking to us... sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more.”
Nancy Thayer


You have been lead to my page and reading my words for a reason. I believe that my book can help you become the best version of you there!






I honour the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honour the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.


Namaste Katrina. <3

updated 18th June 2018

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